Yume Blush 4 Oz. Chocolate Raspberry Body Lotion, Massage Oil

Your mouth will water with Yume Blush Chocolate Raspberry vegan body care, whipped to perfection with a variety of essential nutrients, vitamins and exotic botanicals Chocolate lovers and sweet tooths alike will love the smell and taste of dark chocolate and sweet raspberries. Use it for long lasting relaxing massage, a moisturizing body cream or even as a delicious lip treatment and your body will be lightly scented and sweet to the taste. Made in the USA.

100% Vegan, No Synthetic or Artificial Ingredients

To Use  Scoop a very small amount and apply to your body, lips or face. The dense, yet airy body butter can be warmed up with your own body heat, melting deliciously into consistence of massage oil, although it leaves no greasy, slick-like residue. As body cream, it moisturizes and absorbs quickly.
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